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Eloísa Ávila-Uribe (Morocco)

Senior Associate

Eloísa is a Senior Associate at IDinsight, based in Rabat, Morocco.

Prior to IDinsight, Eloísa worked as a Research Assistant for the Human-Computer-Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University for a year, trying to find the best way of leveraging machine learning to promote the uptake of TaRL in the cacao-growing areas of Côte d’Ivoire. Previously, for 2.5 years she worked at Sagaci Research, where she managed diverse market research projects across Africa, with clients ranging from Coca-Cola to the World Bank and acquiring field experiences from Tanzania, Uganda, Cape Verde, Mauritania and Cameroon.

Eloísa grew up between Colombia and Spain, holds a Bachelor’s in International Economics and Business from Pompeu Fabra University, spent a year at SciencesPo Paris for exchange and is half-way through her two year MS in Public Policy & Management at Carnegie Mellon University.