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How we’re supporting response efforts – March 30

30 March 2020

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

Last week global leaders made extremely difficult decisions that will impact their countries and people for years to come. They instituted lockdowns, orchestrated cash transfers for individuals, and ended flights to and from their countries, among other COVID-19 response and support measures. Because of its scale and accelerated evolution, policymakers need rapid access to data and evidence to inform their economic and health policy responses.

Our team is helping national governments and international partners navigate the pandemic by tailoring evidence-driven public health and economic policy recommendations to their contextual needs and circumstances.

Support Government Responses to COVID-19

We have begun work with a number of governments around the world. Read our COVID-19 response brief for the Philippines Department of Health here, as well as our op-ed on policies to mitigate economic hardship.

Last week we launched remote data collection efforts, using our existing Data on Demand infrastructure to conduct surveys that will generate insights to inform and evaluate COVID-19 response efforts.

How we can and are providing support:
Managing the medical response: Generating insights for policymakers to decide when and how to best allocate resources to support their health systems.

Understanding and reducing the spread of COVID-19: Helping leaders decide which actions to take, how to best implement policies, and monitor if they’re working.

Minimizing negative economic impacts: Advising on policies affecting vulnerable populations; tracking inflation; helping strengthen public distribution systems; and identifying bottlenecks limiting the impact of relief programs.

Sharing knowledge and informing practices: Sharing our evidence and data publicly.

To read our full list of services click here.

We are offering these services pro-bono and are looking for financial support from organizations and individuals to sustain these efforts.

We’re looking for partners

We know that collaboration with others is critical – especially as we provide a full range of rapid-response data tools for policymakers; adapt the strongest evidence to their contexts; and track and evaluate the effects of COVID-19 response efforts.

Therefore, we are looking for the following kinds of support:

Financial support: We are seeking resources to sustain and expand our existing pro bono work to support governments in their public health and economic policy responses to COVID-19.

Collaboration and data sharing: We are looking for ways to join forces with others who have complementary skills or data sets.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please contact: